Thursday, December 13, 2018

Way to Go, WACO!

Wow!! We worked in Washington County Schools in GA yesterday as they focused on the Certified School Improvement Specialist Standard Five, Manage and Organize Efforts and Results. This district serves around 3,600 students, and all of the principals, assistant principals, district leaders and instructional coaches have either completed the Institute  LAUNCH! program for facilitating systemic, sustainable school improvement.

The evidence of the application of their learning is everywhere! Schools have the right processes and tools in place to support teaching and learning, and to deeply engage teachers in the improvement process. With a strong focus on literacy and math, the team members are working to ensure students have the foundations for academic success.

Yesterday they developed and applied a distributed leadership assessment to evaluate how pervasive and consistent their team-based improvement efforts are, and how effectively they are engaging teachers, and giving them the support, responsibility and autonomy to make needed changes and sustain progress.  

WACO Superintendent Dr. Donna Hinton has participated in every session, and has actively supported and coached each participant, ensuring that their learning transferred to on-the-job action, and achieved the targeted outcomes.

As the Institute for Performance Improvement has taught and coached each participant, Dr. Hinton has focused on supporting application in practice, and recognizing the significant progress they are making individually and collectively. Way to go, WACO!

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