Monday, February 4, 2019

What School Improvement Leaders are Saying About Their Experience in the LAUNCH!™ Program

The Institute for Performance Improvement 
Session Feedback

Which portions of the session were most useful? Why?
          " It helps us to sort and organize the causes for 'As Is' state."
          " Finally! YES, YES, YES, to critical thinking!!"
          " Having the opportunity to dig into a problem and develop prediction ques as a team."
          " Having concrete tools to use as resources for guiding Principals in the school improvement                process."

How does this session compare with other professional development you or your team(s) experienced?
          "I have truly been more engaged in this professional learning than I can ever remember."
          "Allowed for great levels of meta-cognition and collaboration."
          "Much more interactive."
          "It is excellent and I appreciate you guys giving us time to work on assignments in class."
          "Top Notch!"
          "This has exceeded the professional learning I have done in the past."
          " I keep repeating to myself; 'This is by far so superior to other trainings. No Comparison."
          " More intense - more participation all higher level thinking related directly to the work we are              about to embark on."
          " Practical and Useful. Provides tools I can use tomorrow!" 
          " This is the BEST! So relevant to my work AND my work is understood."

How could your team use the skills and tools reviewed to facilitate work with those you serve across the state to ensure students have the skills they need to succeed in the future? 

         "Deep thinking and Ownership, especially if all stakeholders were involved."
         " YES! Everything we are learning and practicing is directly relate-able."
         " Any school would benefit from using the skills and tools discussed today. It is critical that                  students have these skills to succeed in today's work and workplace."

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